When salt is the new vitamin

So now they say that butter is good for you.

And salt ain’t that bad either.

…Think I’ll go scarf down a big salty buttery bagel. (Oh, I’m not a doctor, so do your own research before you follow my lead and open that giant bag of pretzels.)

I relish these about-turns. Just when you get to believe something is one way, a fact comes along that upends everything.

It makes your ears perk up.

In our December newsletter (which clients will receive on Friday), we have an article that says that maybe children are getting healthier.

After years of hearing how there is an epidemic of obesity among children – because of bad diets and Xbox induced couch-dom – we’re now hearing that things aren’t so bad after all. Children are actually going outdoors and eating their fruit and veg.

I like putting these kinds of articles in our newsletters.

While most of our competitor snoozeletters are boring people with content such as 10 Things You Already Know, and 5 Ways to State the Obvious, we try to write stuff that makes people think.

That makes them go “huh?”

We believe that your readers and clients are smarter than most of the media gives them credit for, so they will relish something that wakes them up from the same-old, same-old.

So today I ask you this: What can you say about your market – about what you do, about where you live – that will make people listen?

Yes, the content in your newsletter has to be true.

But it doesn’t have to be boring.

You can start today with a newsletter that’s ready-made for you and is stuffed full of interesting articles that don’t insult the intelligence of your clients.