When it’s really for them

A few years ago, when newspapers realized that Google News and Craig’s List were eating their lunch, the bean counters in charge started to cut costs.

One of the ways they did that was to slash editorial budgets.

Content is content, they said. We can share content between papers.

So that’s why you started seeing articles in your local newspaper about distant towns. Or auto ads in the classifieds for cars that were 100 miles away from you.

The bean counters were happy.


…it accelerated the downward death spiral that newspapers were battling.

Here’s the thing:

People want to read about what’s local and what’s relevant.

They don’t have patience for anything else.

That’s why we encourage our clients to change up their newsletters a little to include something that is relevant to their clients.

That might be:

Local real estate market statistics

Local events

Ads for other local vendors

Neighborhood information

Personal stories

Adding just a little local or relevant information stops your newsletter looking like more marketing junk and instead transforms it into information that your client will want to read.

And that, in turn, brings you more business.

Our newsletters are good to use as they are, but we allow (and encourage) you to change them up a little to make them extra-relevant to your clients’ lives.