Putting the fun back in to real estate marketing

If you ask some marketing experts, you’d think that promoting your real estate business is all about hard, unpleasant work.

Push, push, push.

Hustle, hustle…

I don’t believe it needs to be like that.

Instead, I see it like this:

You have valuable information, skills and experience to share.

Your marketing is a way to share those things.

Your leads and clients get value from what you are sharing.

And they respect you – trust you, like you – because of it.

I hear from agents who say their newsletter has made them the local real estate authority.

… how when they send newsletters, people reply and thank them – and say how much they enjoyed reading it.

Isn’t that a much nicer way to do business?

You’re giving – and people enjoy receiving.

You’re a helpful expert, not an annoying pest.

So much more fun!

This is the reason why so many real estate agents, once they get into the groove of sending newsletters on a regular basis, never stop.