The world’s longest newsletter?

On Friday I had a nice chat with someone who receives these emails.

He’s not a client – he makes his own newsletters.

And he sent me a sample.

It was the world’s longest email newsletter.

My hand hurt from all the scrolling.


His newsletter was doing very well for him.

He shared his stats, and his engagement rate was above industry averages.

Now, he was doing a lot of things right.

His newsletter was interesting.

It was targeted at his audience.

It contained a mix of real estate and general articles.

Indeed, it was the kind of newsletter I advise people to create.

Although maybe not so long.

Here’s the thing though. It was working. And the reason I caution about length isn’t so much about the danger of boring your readers, it is more about the stamina you have to create one.

After all, there’s no point sweating over one magnum opus but end up so exhausted you don’t send another newsletter for the next year.

This guy was sending one every three weeks – so no problem there.

Anyway… if you don’t have time to write a complete newsletter, help is at hand.

You can try ours free. It’s ready-made but you can edit it as much as you wish.