When clients are like lost dogs

I helped to reunite a lost dog with its owner yesterday morning.

On the morning radio show (for those new here, I host the breakfast show twice a week on the local volunteer community radio station), we put out the call.

And by 8.30, the dog was back with its family.

That’s what community radio is all about.

Anyway, it got me to thinking…

You see, real estate agents have their own “lost dogs”.

Many have clients they have worked with in the past who have disappeared.

Seemingly never to return. (Or, worse still, show up at the door of another agent.)

And that’s a shame.

Because, if you can keep your clients on a leash, they wouldn’t run off in the first place.

Keep feeding them… and lock the gate.

Your newsletter helps you do that, because it keeps you top of mind, so they don’t forget you. When you’re feeding them good kibble, they see no reason to run for it.

Just think… if all the clients who listed with you once, listed with you a second time (and referred their friends), how much more commission would you earn?