When business comes easily

Imagine what it would be like if business just came in the door.

If you just had to hang around for a gimme – something that comes easily, the low hanging fruit.

That was what one of the respondents to my survey said they could now do after 44 years in the business.

They’d farmed the same area and were now existing on referrals and repeat business.

That’s how it should work… over the long term.

And you don’t need to wait 44 years either.

Just do this: Over the months ahead focus on building relationships and a reputation.

The good news is, your newsletter can help.

It builds relationships because you keep in touch (just like you do with a friend).

And it builds a reputation because it helps prove your expertise.

So if you haven’t already, start your newsletter today.

Because the longer you wait, the longer it takes.