What you can learn from Amazon’s success

If you’ve ever bought anything on Amazon (and, let’s face it, who hasn’t?) you’ll know how spookily perceptive the site can be.

Browse something without buying and you might get an email about it in a few days.

Buy a book and you’ll see a promo about another book that seems exactly the kind of novel you’d like to read.

Amazon does an excellent job matching products to its customers’ desires – one reason why it has grown into such a mammoth.

There’s a lot you can learn from them.

Here’s my point: The best kind of marketing makes your potential clients say “this is for me”.

And you don’t have to be Amazon to create that kind of marketing.

There are two ways:

First, encourage people to join your newsletter distribution list by offering them something that will very directly meet their needs.

For example, provide a detailed market report on their neighborhood. Or, if you specialize in working with seniors, provide some expert tips relating to their specific needs.

The thing is, you’re much better off targeting a small demographic very tightly rather than trying to be something to everyone.

(Because something to everyone = nothing to anyone).

Second, do something to make sure your newsletter is tightly targeted to your desired clients.

You don’t need write the entire newsletter just for them, but include something that meets their needs.

Again, market information or local information would work very well.

That’s why, in the newsletters we make, we allow (and encourage) you to edit them as much as you wish.

It’s what our most successful clients do.

If you do this one thing – you’ll leap ahead of everyone else.

I’m not promising you’ll become as big as Amazon.

But you could be the Amazon of your market.