Such a pretty, wasteful website

I’m in the process of buying a car.

And by “process” I mean that I’m researching options… and getting stressed.

Because it’s all so complicated.

And expensive.

Here’s the thing:

You can get a basic car for not so much moolah.

It will get you from A to B no problem.

But then…

…there are so many extras you can add on.

Like the sat-nav. The tow kit. The alloy wheels. The leather steering wheel. The coffee maker.

OK, just kidding about the coffee maker.

Before you know it, that’s another 20 grand added to the price.


The thing is, I wouldn’t use most of the bells and whistles.

They’re nice – but they’re not the most important thing. Indeed, they’re not important at all.

I see a similar issue when I look at the websites of some of our clients.

These websites have lots of bells and whistles. Sometimes they are very pretty.

But – in many cases – they fail to do the most important job, which is to capture leads so that you can market to them.

Here’s the thing: most people who visit your website won’t come back.

After all, they’ve clicked on half a dozen links in the past ten minutes.

So why’s yours so special?

Really, the number one job of a website is to capture leads so that you can follow up with them.

That’s why it is vital you put something front and center on your website that will encourage people to give you their contact information.

Then you can keep in touch with them in the future.

Otherwise, most of the visits to your website are wasted.

And that means your money is being wasted.

If your website designer doesn’t tell you this, then you should fire them immediately. It means they are more interested in “design” than they are in making you money for your business.

Don’t waste your money on an ineffective website.

This is just part of the advice we give you hear at Ready to Go Newsletters.

Yes, we make the most interesting, engaging newsletters on the market.

But we also recognize that newsletters are just part of your marketing machine – and we want everything to function at 100%.