Use leftovers or be left behind

There’s something extra delicious about meals made with leftovers.

So the omelette I threw together for lunch yesterday (leftover sliced mushrooms, leftover brie cheese and a couple of dubiously aged leftover eggs) was extra tasty.

I don’t know if it was the food that was so appetizing… or the thought of the money I was saving. Those savings sure do taste good!

Now… I’ve been advising you for a while to re-use your newsletter content on your website and in social media.

Why let articles go to waste?

But here’s the thing:

In 2014, making your content stretch further is getting super-important.

Changes coming down the pike with Google and the other search engines mean that in the next year or two, it will be even more important to build yourself a platform that demonstrates your authority and your expertise. You’ll need to do more to create trust online.

That might sound annoying and a lot of work. But in fact, it’s a good thing, because it shows the online world is coming around to what I’ve been telling people since day 1 – that old-fashioned relationships are what win business over the long term.

Here at Ready to Go Towers we are thinking of ways to help you do that. I’ll be writing more about this topic in the weeks ahead.

But in the meantime, get yourself a newsletter, send it out and use the content everywhere you can.

You’ll be leaps ahead of your competitors if you start doing that today.