Be on the path of least resistance

Water, as you learned in school, follows the path of least resistance.

That was certainly true yesterday when, as my mother is fond of saying, the heavens opened.

There was a deluge.

A hard, pounding rain that bounced and thudded…

….and left a six-inch deep channel down the driveway.

Following, you see, the path of least resistance.

It’s not just water that does that.

People do it too. Even your potential clients.

They’ll often go for what is already there. What is easy.

They take the easiest path to where they want to be.

That’s why it pays to keep in touch with them using a newsletter.

Because, when they need something, the easy thing to do is call the person who is right there in front of them.

So start sending something out.

Otherwise, they’ll take another path, the easier path.

And that path might not lead to you.