Those who love what you stand for

Not everyone is going to love you.

And that’s OK.

Before I get too Oprah on you, let me explain…

Many people are afraid of sending a newsletter.

What if it’s too often?

What if it’s not often enough?

What if I annoy them?

What if I bore them?

What… what… what…

They are so afraid that they sit at home and do nothing.


To paraphrase Seth Godin, your job in your marketing is to write messages for those who do love what you stand for – and forget the rest.

Here’s the thing:

Most marketing is very bland. That’s because it tries to please everyone, so it ends up pleasing no-one.

Now, I’m not saying you need to offend.

You just have to remember who your ideal clients are and concentrate on them and them alone.

So – send a newsletter that’s interesting and entertaining – to your ideal client.

And don’t worry about the rest.

I know from experience that when you have this mind shift, every piece of marketing you send out becomes more fun and more effective.

Here’s where to get your own newsletter. Use it as it is or change it as much as you wish.