Real, whole, genuine… you

Did you know that, across America, farms are springing up in the middle of towns and sub-divisions?

Where once there would be a golf course or more houses, now there is a community farm with crops, fruit trees and organic chickens.

It turns out that these businesses make money (and cost less to operate than a golf course).

But most importantly, they satisfy people’s increasing need for authenticity.

Instead of driving to an anonymous supermarket, families are walking down the road to the neighborhood farm for fresh, healthy food.

Which brings me back to my point…

People want something that is real. Something that is genuine. Something that is honest.

In a world of giant agribusiness and massive, anonymous corporations, people are desperate for the local and friendly.

And that’s where you win!

While everyone else is churning out bland, corporate marketing, you can be unique and personal.

That’s why we encourage you to edit your newsletter, just a little.

Our most successful clients let their personalities and their opinions shine though.

Because that’s what people want!