The not-so-secret to success

I was talking with a potential new client yesterday – a very successful broker who built his business from the ground up.

Now he’s doing many millions in sales and multiple six figures in commissions.

But when he started…

It was different.

And we agreed on one thing:

To be successful, you have to work at it.

There’s no easy button.

There are no magic shortcuts.


… this is message that many people don’t like. I’ll be unpopular for spreading it.

But those who realize that it’s true will end up winners.

In this guy’s office are some agents who are working hard (they are building up databases of contacts and marketing to them.)

And then there are others who have been in the business for ten years but have no contact database to speak of.

You can tell which will be the most successful.

Sadly, this is a difficult lesson for many to learn.

But grown-ups know the truth.

Hard (and smart) work wins the day, especially when you are just starting out.

So… are you ready?

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