The secret of Crater Lake

3558660728_5057190b0d_mIf you’re out and about in Oregon, you might eventually come across Crater Lake.

It’s the bluest, blue-blue lake you’ll ever see.

And it’s very deep.

Thousands of years ago, a volcano there exploded, throwing tons of rocky debris into the sky and leaving a massive hole where the cone once was.

Then over time, that hole slowly filled up with water to create a lake that is the deepest in the Americas.

There’s no river in and no river out. Just rainfall to keep the lake full.

So why is it so blue?

Because it’s so deep.

The water absorbs almost all wavelengths of light, so our eyes don’t see the red or orange or green.

Just blue.

Everything else is filtered out.

That kind of filtering is a good thing. It’s what I encourage my clients to do.

Develop a relationship so deep that you’ll exclude others.

Show that you are the #1 at what you do.

Prove that you are the local expert.

And then keep in touch every month, so that your clients don’t go anywhere else.

So that everyone else is excluded.

Be the blue one in your market.

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Photo Credit: Tim Pearce, Los Gatos via Compfight cc