Grabbing every cookie

When I was a kid, it was critical that I got my “fair” share of cookies.

Imagine, if you will, me and my little brother at the kitchen table.

And six cookies on a plate.

Now, the most important thing was that I got three cookies… because that was my fair share.

Whether I was hungry or not.

If I took two cookies, it was bad – because my brother would get four.

And that wasn’t fair.

You see…cookies, for the kiddie Simon, were a zero sum game. There were no more cookies in the jar after those were gone – and what I didn’t get, my brother got.

This story reminds me of what I new client told me the other day.

This guy had been using a newsletter from another company but canceled it and decided to start with us.

But there was a gap between dropping them and starting us.

And guess what happened…

…his clients complained!

Where’s my newsletter?

But you know what? It could have been a lot worse.

When you stop sending your newsletter, not only might your clients complain, but they also wonder what happened to you. Did you go broke or something?

And that gap is the perfect time for a competitor to swoop in and grab your clients.

Just like my brother and the cookies.

So keep sending. Don’t stop.