The parrot who came back speaking Spanish

Did you hear about the parrot with the British accent that disappeared for four years and came back speaking Spanish?

Apparently, Nigel (yes, that was its name) disappeared one day. Its owner thought it was lost for good.

And then it came back – but the words it spoke were in a completely different tongue.

They tell me it’s true – and who am I to argue?


Why am I telling you this?

Well, there are two reasons:

First, it’s a funny little story – and successful marketing needs to be entertaining.

Second, I told it to illustrate a point about our newsletters.

You see, we don’t just write about real estate. That would be very boring, especially to those who are not thinking of moving right now.

Instead, we mix it up a little. Alongside the real estate content are articles about all sorts of things.

Our November newsletters, which are published today, include information about cities at night, finding time to think, and – believe it not – spitefulness!

There’s something for everyone – because we want your clients to look forward to reading it.

That’s part of our secret sauce.

You can see for yourself when you try our ready-made (but completely editable) newsletters for free.