The never-ending battle for loyalty

I was emailing with one of our current clients the other day.

She has been with us for almost four years and is very happy. Her assistant sends out her print format newsletter for her every month.

It’s helped her keep and win more clients.


…there are still some that get away.

So she was asking me, what else can she do?

Here’s the thing: newsletters will help keep your clients loyal (that’s why she has been using them for four years) but they are not a magic bullet.

Sending a newsletter is a whole lot better than not sending one, but to get even better results, you could:

  1. Include even more relevant content. Something local or something that really speaks to your market.
  2. Increase the frequency, by sending more newsletters (or adding email newsletters to your marketing if you are just using print) or by using automated, information rich emails.

That’s just two ideas. There are more, of course.

Clients who join our newsletter service get access to our added services too. They’re perfect for those who want to climb to the top of the mountain.