The price of last resort

When customers have no other information available, they buy on price.

After all, when everything seems the same, it make sense to go for the cheapest and the nearest.

Why would you pay anything more? Why would you accept your rate of commission?

And yet…

…. So many agents fail to sell their value.

They fail to give anyone a reason to hire them instead of someone with a cut-price commission (or go FSBO).

And that’s a shame.

Because there IS a reason to hire you over anyone else. You’re good at what you do. You add value.

That’s why it pays to prove your expertise.

Not by bragging, but my demonstration.

Show that you have happy clients. Show that you are a knowledgeable, trustworthy expert.

You can do all that with your newsletter.

Use our interesting and informative articles then add some content and some testimonials of your own.

Then… you are giving a reason for your clients NOT to shop on price.

A reason to choose you.