The Best Kind of Newsletter

I lost a newsletter client today.

Nothing new about that. The one-month free trial for my real estate newsletter encourages people to sign up and kick the tires, and some decide not to continue. Others take what they can for free and never have any intention of paying. Quite normal when you make an offer like that.

But today’s cancellation was different. The reason: over the months this subscriber has been writing more and more of her own articles and so didn’t need a pre-written newsletter anymore.

I applaud that. Frankly, the best kind of newsletter is one you write yourself. That’s how you can build the best relationship with your clients – introducing your own personality in the way no pre-written newsletter can.

Of course, most people don’t have time for this, which is why they use newsletters like mine. (And ones like mine that allow people to customize them and include their own articles allow a lot of personal input anyway.)

Although I was sad to see this subscriber leave, I applaud the effort she is putting into her newsletter.