Starving in a sterile world

It’s official. 

My computer has absolutely no charm whatsoever. 

Yesterday it told me that Quicktime had failed to initialize, that my backup was out of date, and that my printer was not recognized. 

Last week it informed me that Chrome had crashed and that Firefox was not was responding. 

And last month it told me that Word had an unknown error in the normal template. 


There’s one thing in common with all these messages: they’re bland and sterile. 

It’s like they were written by…errr….a computer! 

A lot of corporate marketing is like that too. 

Some companies have strategies that will impact your cash-flow. 

Others have solutions that will bring an improvement in bottom-line results. 


…I can feel my fingers falling asleep as I type. 

That’s why it’s smart to put a little humanity into your newsletter. 

Write like it’s you. 

You know…a real person. 

Add some opinions; let people see inside your mind. 

The reason: people are starving for authenticity. So give them some, and they’ll warm to you instantly. 

We make it easy because our newsletters are written with a friendly tone. Then, if you wish, you can edit them as much as you want.