As unique as a bathroom tile

I was shopping for bathroom tiles the other day. 

Now…that’s a product that has been transformed since I was a kid. 

I remember at one time you could have tiles in two sizes: four inch and six inch. 

Forget about nice designs. Just choose a color. 

But now… 

…now there are: 

Tiles that look like hardwood floors. 

Tiles that look like marble. 

Tiles that look like granite. 

Tiles that look like brushed aluminium. 

Tiles that look like shiny chrome. 

Tiles that look like tiles from the past. 

Tiles that look like tiles from the 22nd Century. 

Tiles that look like paper towels. 

And tiles that look like what your wall looks like after you’ve removed the last set of tiles (I’m not sure why you would want those, but anyway…) 

In fact – there’s a tile for every mood and every need. 

Just like there’s a real estate agent for every mood and need. 

Except there isn’t. 

The thing is, most real estate agents present themselves as doing exactly what other real estate agents do. 

That’s a lot of six-inch beige tiles. 

I’ve mentioned before about the importance of a USP – what makes you unique. 

A key to succeeding is to be the only person catering to a particular market. Because, for that market, you are the only choice. 

And if that market is large enough (it almost always is), you will get plenty of business. 

After all, lots of people want the tile that looks like stone. And if you’re the only stone tile out there, all the stone tile buyers will snap you up. But if you present yourself as just a tile…then who knows where those buyers will go? 

You can use your newsletter to telegraph your USP. Include articles that show that you are the perfect answer to your particular sub-set of buyers. 

That’s why we allow (and encourage) you to edit it as much as you wish.