Squirrelize yourself

Fall is arriving in these parts.

The leaves are turning.

And the squirrels are busy storing nuts for winter.

(One cheeky critter has turned a rock outside my house into its own personal kitchen, leaving a messy pile of shells. Who is going to clean that up, eh?)

The whole nut gathering thing isn’t a bad idea. Lots of work now…but then a winter of snacking.

I advise my clients to do the same thing.

Not with acorns, but with the contact information of clients and leads.

Start storing them now, and the benefits will pay off in the months ahead.

Always Be Collecting: that’s my motto.

Collect leads on your website and whenever you market yourself.

And then contact those leads regularly.

Look: running around doing all the collecting seems like work. But it pays off.


It works for my business and it works for my clients.

So start collecting – and start sending your newsletter.