Sharing, soul and newsletters

Sometimes, it’s more than just the “thing”.

The first draft of my book is done (it’s still without a title – I’m asking our clients for ideas.)

And one clear theme is emerging from the 150 pages or so…

Newsletters aren’t just about marketing yourself.

They’re not just another “marketing tool”.

It’s not about the newsletter as a “thing” at all.

When you do newsletters the right way, you pour your soul into them.

Here’s what I mean:

When you sit down and think about it, there’s a reason you do what you do.

It might be that…

You’re helping people move to their dream home.

You’re helping people relocate for a better job.

You’re helping people transition to a different stage in their lives.

And you know what? You’re darn good at it.

You’re an expert at what you do. You care about your clients. And you make their lives easier and better.

Now – switch to the newsletter.

Consider it a method to share all this knowledge and these skills – a way to tell your clients you can help them.

Your newsletter is way to make sure your clients don’t go FSBO or choose an inferior agent.

So when you look at it like this, it’s almost your duty to make sure they know about you.

Our newsletters are ready-made – and work just great on their own – but you can change them as much as you wish to make them really yours.