Half farming

Long, long before I was born (thousands of years, in fact), someone had a brainwave.

He or she figured out how to farm.

Instead of running around hunting and gathering, people began to stay put and grow stuff.

And so the human race leapt forward.

Of course, the term farming is used in real estate – to farm a neighborhood.

It’s a good concept.

But people are often too busy farming their neighborhood to tend to their own database of leads and clients.

It’s as if they are planting new seeds all the time, maybe harvesting a few ears of corn, but then not planting again for next year. I call it “half farming”.

That’s a big mistake – because the hardest part of farming is producing the first shoots.

Cultivating crops year after year is a whole lot easier.

That’s why I encourage my clients to nurture their leads and nurture their clients.

They do that by building a database and then contacting that database using newsletters.

That’s the only way you’ll get the full benefits of farming.