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We're so happy to see you here you here! Do you know why?

Because it means you want to learn and be better in your business and that is 100% awesome. *High fives*.

You probably don't know too much about us right now, but something you should know is that we care. We care about the success of our agents!

We want you to CRUSH your marketing!


Whatever your tools or tactics.

And we're pretty sure you want the same. We DO NOT want you to stumble and trip along the way like so many others do.

To shorten the distance between you and your marketing success, we've compiled lessons learned from expensive marketing mistakes of those who have come before you.

Plus we’ll show you how to win big with your marketing efforts so that you can become a marketing ace in your business and be 100 steps ahead of your competition!

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Newsletters Are a Proven Marketing Tool

Our newsletters are the closest thing you can get to waving a magic wand and having a newsletter in send-ready shape.

Done-for-you, ready to (e)mail newsletters released on the 15th of every month and you don't have to lift a finger.

They get agents like you, more referrals & more commissions.

You don't have to add your branding or contact details -- it's all there already for you.

Raise your hand if you...

>> are a marketing department of one (or two)

>> don't have the "free" time to write the newsletter you'd want to send out

>> struggle to come up with topic or content ideas

>> know you have to stay in touch to stay top of mind, but you're falling short

>> don't know how to stay in touch regularly in a memorable way

>> want your contacts to remember you when then need an agent or when their friends and family need one

If we told you that other agents get 2 listing appointments monthly from consistently sending a newsletter, would you want give them a try?

If you can make a commitment to sending out a newsletter a month, this could be your story!

Can you make that small commitment? Sending 12 newsletters in the next 12 months? Can you make that commitment if we're automatically sending your email newsletters for you?

Because that's what we do -- autosending your email newsletters to take one more thing of our agents' plates.

That's hard to say no to, right?

If that sounds like something you can do, newsletters will be an awesome fit for you.

You don't have to pay for anything right now. You can test drive our service for 30 days and if you're satisfied, we'll keep being your magic wand. If you aren't satisfied, you don't lose a penny.

It's a win-win situation. How does that sound? Want to give it a go?

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What other real estate agents say about us...

We have noticed that in the week after a newsletter goes out, we always get at least 2 listing appointments.

Kelley Miller

I mail out 2,500 newsletters a month and emails to another 600 clients. I have had great success and my business has improved substantially.

Johnny Brooks

This is the best newsletter I have ever seen. My clients are telling me they are actually reading it! I think that’s because it has lots of content that isn’t just about real estate.

Greg Sparkman

As a result of my newsletters I have gotten 2 sellers to list with me. One directly as a result of receiving my newsletter monthly, and the 2nd sellers were the neighbors of the first happy sellers!

Deona Powell