Pink flowers, rainbow chairs and happy shoppers

I noticed two signs of spring this week in the part of the world I inhabit.

First were the little pink flowers that are poking up through the leaf litter in the woods. Everything else seems dead – but here were some tiny shoots of hope.

And second was the rainbow of differently coloured Adirondack chairs that are now stacked up outside the grocery store – $15 each. Such a bargain; such a promise of summer.

It’s a great time to sit back and think about your business. Spring is like one of those mini New Years – new hope and a new start.

Indeed, I just made my to-do list for the next few months – ideas that, I hope, will grow the business.

So…if you’re not contacting your clients right now, this May is a great time to start.

The horrors of tax season are pretty much over; maybe some refunds are on the way.

People are happily out shopping.

So the question is – will they be out shopping with you?

Yes, they will…if you keep in touch and remind them that you are out there.