It all starts with just one tooth

Just floss one of your teeth.

That was the advice I heard from a dentist once.

It hardly sounds like good oral hygiene, does it?

But it reality, it was sound advice.

For anyone who has fallen out of the flossing habit, climbing back into the routine can be tough.

When you’re told that you have to floss every tooth in your mouth – even the hard to reach ones at the back – it can seem like a big deal.

That’s why the dentist says floss just one tooth.

Because when you floss just one, pretty soon you are flossing them all.

The reason is that flossing one tooth is a pretty small commitment to make. But once you start, over time you feel that you might as well floss the whole lot of them.

This is an example of a micro-commitment: one small thing that leads you on the path to the final desired result.

It’s a phenomenon you can use in your business.

The easier you make it for someone to take one small step towards you, without committing to doing business with you, the more likely it is they will hire you in the future.

It’s kind of like dating. You don’t ask for his or her hand in marriage on the first date.

In practical terms, a micro-commitment might be a simple click on a website that leads to a page with further information. That click is one small “yes” towards you.

The next micro-commitment might be filling out a form to request information or to receive your newsletter.

Within the newsletter, the next micro-commitment might be asking for a click on a link or a visit to a web page.

In the newsletters we make, we offer several ways for your leads to make micro-commitments. And with each commitment they make, the more comfortable they become with you.

It’s just like the dentist said.

Start with one tooth, then another.

And before long, you’re happily working on every pearly white you have.

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