Persistence really does pay

”Thank you for being so persistent.”

That’s what a new client said today. She’d been receiving these emails for about six weeks.

Now, I’m sure I drive some people crazy with these daily missives. Those people usually unsubscribe.

But at the same time, I get feedback from people who just love receiving messages.

And you know what? Keeping in touch works.

People hear from me, learn stuff and are entertained – and they go sign up for my newsletter service.

Now, I’m not suggesting you contact your leads daily. You don’t have time and, right now, we don’t have a product to help you.

But… contact them monthly instead.

That’s very achievable.

And it’s a lot more frequently than almost all of your competitors.

Being persistent pays.

Why? Because you’re in front of them when they need you.

Here’s where to get your own newsletter. Send it as it is or change it as much as you like.

The first month is free.