How newsletters make clients respect you

One of the most frustrating things in business is when clients don’t listen to you.

… Like when they list their home for $20K over market value.

Or when they refuse to tidy up for showings.

Why… why… don’t they respect you?!

One reason might be because they see you as a commodity. One agent is very much like another, they think.

If I don’t get any offers then it must be the agent’s fault.

I’ll just let this contract lapse and find another.

Instead… wouldn’t it be nice if they saw you as a respected expert?

Someone to listen to.

Someone whose advice was worth more than a hill of beans.

Here’s the thing:

When you send a newsletter, you automatically place yourself in a respected position.

The reason? You’re out there – publishing, no less – offering valuable advice.

You become a person with something to say – and someone worth listening to.

Now isn’t that a better place?

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