One marshmallow or 100s of clients?

You’ve probably heard of the marshmallow test.

Back in the 60s, researchers placed a marshmallow in front of children.

The kids were told you can have one marshmallow now, but if you wait alone for 10 minutes, you can have two.

Some kids couldn’t resist and ate the treat right away. Others battled through temptation and waited.

Years later, the researchers found that the children who could delay gratification did better in life.

(I would have failed this test, by the way. If only you could see the empty tube of Rolos on my desk.)

Delayed gratification is important in business.

There are months and years when you are building and building, pouring profits back into the business instead of taking them right away.

And then there are the months and years of building your contact list.

Many people don’t bother, so they are always hunting for new clients.

But those who do make the effort are able to harvest the results in the years ahead.

Indeed, a common theme among real estate agents I speak with is a large, healthy database.

But it takes time and patience to build one.

Your newsletter helps, because you are able to nourish that database with frequent contact. (A starved database dies, you see.)

So starting today, resist that marshmallow.

And get going with your newsletter.