Of turtle tunnels and newsletter funnels

Turtles, it turns out, are in trouble.

Their millions of years of slow evolution can’t keep up with humanity’s rapid revolution of the past 100 years.

For example, turtles can’t cope when we run a road through their habitat. They just continue from one side of their wetland to the other – and get squished.

(Imagine if someone constructed an airport runway in your bedroom overnight. You’d likely get crushed by a 747 as you stumbled to the bathroom one blearily night.)

Anyway… in my part of the world, people are building special fences that direct the turtles to a culvert so that they can cross under the road. The turtles hit the fence and follow it until they find the tunnel.

And they survive.

That whole funnel-into-a-tunnel idea is useful – you can implement it in your business.

If you get leads that you drive to your website, for example, it’s vital that you funnel them to a lead capture page so that you can get the most bang for your buck.

If you don’t, your expensive visitors just wander around and leave.

And you lose out.

That’s one of the more advanced things I teach our clients. Indeed, we can implement just these kinds of funnels for you. When you create a funnel, your cost per lead comes down. And your cost per sale declines even further.

Even our standard newsletter service comes with a web form that you can paste into your website.

That’s a great start, and we can help you make it better.

Once leads give you our email address, you can keep in touch with them using our newsletters.

Then your whole business thrives.