Old lists and good zombies

I have a database here at Ready to Go Newsletters that goes back to 2009.

(Yes, the business started a couple of years before that but we got a new IT system and…well…you know…)

So there are people on the list whom we have been contacting for about five years.

And you know what I love most?

When one of these people is re-animated and gets in touch. (Kind of like a zombie, but in a good way.)

I hear nothing for years, and then suddenly they reply to an email or they give me a call.

And more times than not, they become clients.

With these people, it just wasn’t the right time.

Until it was…

… and because I was still in touch with them, they got in contact with me.

Gotta love that.

It shows the value of sending newsletters on a regular basis.

Because when they need you, you’re there.

Here’s where to get your own newsletter (and re-animate some good zombies).