3 scary newsletter mistakes

As it’s Halloween, I thought I’d share the three scary things I see people doing (and not doing!) with their newsletters.

So here we go.

  1. Giving up too soon

This is the biggie.

Newsletters are for building long-term business relationships, and for nurturing prospects who take a while to buy.

If neither of those things are your game, then don’t start a newsletter.

But if you do believe in long-term business relationships, then don’t give up before you’ve allowed your newsletter a chance to work.

  1. Failing to build a database

Your database of prospects and clients is your most valuable asset.

So don’t neglect it!

Focus on filling that database with leads and clients, and then keep in touch with that database so that it stays alive and valuable.

  1. Sending a boring, irrelevant newsletter

People are busy, so you’ve got to work to win their attention.

You win this battle with a newsletter that’s interesting, useful and entertaining.

Put your reader first. Think what would interest them. Consider what they need to know.

Make it a “must read”.

That’s how you’ll stand out.

We here at Ready to Go Newsletters can help.

Our product is ready-made, but you can edit it as much as you wish.

We can also help you build your database, and we’re here to give you advice to make your newsletter program as successful as possible.