Beavers, land grabs and newsletters

A couple of years ago, a beaver decided to use our yard as its own personal Home Depot.

Every morning we would wake up and there was another pointy tree stump.

Somewhere nearby was a wonderful beaver McMansion, I’ve no doubt.

I was watching a documentary about beavers the other day and, like most creatures, they get territorial. Their dam and pond is for them and their beaver family – no trespassing!

Being territorial works for animals.

And it should work for you too.

After all, you don’t want a competitor building a lodge on your lawn.

So how do you maintain your territory?

One way is being present – so you are there to fight off competitors.

(After all, if you are not present, your leads and clients can easily be snatched away.)

The good news is, newsletters do that well.

Because you are constantly in touch with useful, interesting content, leads and clients don’t want to go elsewhere – and rivals can’t perform a land grab.

It’s one of the best ways to keep what’s yours yours.

You can try our newsletters free for 30 days at the link below.

Before it’s too late.