Newsletter template amnesia

I was talking to a potential new client yesterday.

He was already sending out an email newsletter.

He’d been doing it for 12 months – but with no response.

And that’s a shame.

Now, it’s better to send something rather than nothing…


When I looked at his newsletter (which was supplied by a big newsletter company), I could see why it wasn’t generating response.

It was totally forgettable.

It could have been sent by anyone.

The content was bland.

His name and company name were there – but just plain text in a standard template.

Here’s the thing:

I believe that you should have the chance to stand out.

And that means the content has to be worth reading, and you need to have the opportunity to make the newsletter really yours.

That’s why we allow you edit it as much as you wish.

While sending something is better than nothing, doesn’t it make sense to send something that people might want to read?

Here’s where to get your own interesting, editable newsletter.