Math that makes you feel good

Math, to say the least, was not one of my favorite subjects at school.

I’d rather eat old gym shoes than solve an equation. (And there were plenty of old gym shoes served with ketchup at the school cafeteria.)

So for 20 years after that, I stayed away from numbers.

Words were my thing.

But… I sure have learned to love numbers since I started my business!

Why? Because numbers are central to making a business go right.

Indeed, I have a dashboard that I use to constantly monitor all sorts of metrics.

Just keeping on top of the numbers helps me feel good because I’m replacing emotions with hard facts.

So I encourage all our newsletter clients to keep on top of their numbers too.

Such as:

Return on investment. In the “marketing slot machine”, how much comes out for every dollar they put in?

Cost per lead: How much does it cost to generate a lead that goes into their database – and how many of those leads turn into clients (cost per client acquisition)?

Lifetime Customer Value: How much is a client worth over the entire course of their relationship (shows the value of having people come back time and time again.)

I’ll leave it there.

But just say this: get on top of the numbers and get on top of where your business is going.

Now, I mentioned Lifetime Customer Value a few seconds ago. Imagine if you could double it by having them list with you just one more time?

That’s what newsletters can do. They help you keep in touch so clients remember you.