More questions answered

The email and phone lines have been a-buzzin’ recently with questions about our newsletter service.

So let’s push through a few now.

Here comes the first one.

Does the newsletter come complete with articles, or do we choose them from a library each month?



Yes, the newsletter comes complete with articles, so you can use it just as it is, right there and then.

But if you don’t like an article, you can go to the library to switch it out. There are hundreds of articles in our library, and they are mostly marked with a word count, so you can see if a particular article will fit (this is important with the print format newsletters but doesn’t matter with the email ones, of course).

Alternatively, because our newsletters can all be edited 100%, you can put your own content in, whenever and wherever you wish.

We’re all about flexibility, you see.

Here’s another question coming down the tracks.

Why do you make two formats, one for print and one for email?

I realize that it can seem a pain the butt, having two formats.

But it’s done for good reason: to make sure that your newsletters look good and get delivered to your clients.

Print format newsletters need to fit on regular paper sizes, of course, and need to have graphics that print well.

But email formats need to fit into HTML email templates and need to have graphics that are not too big, so that they can go through email easily.

Email newsletters need to be in one, long, scrolling page; print newsletters need to be divided into different pages.

Email newsletters need to be designed in such a way that they will appear within the email, not as an attachment. We don’t recommend you send your print newsletter just as an attachment – it’s less likely to get read.

Next question!

Can we make changes to the newsletter?

Yes you can. Indeed, we encourage it!

The newsletters can be used as they are, but if you are able to add something local and personal to them, they can be made even more effective.

The print format documents come in Microsoft Word, which means you can easily change them on your own computer. The email format newsletters are edited right there online.