Last person standing

The day the power button broke on my smartphone was the day I needed to purchase a new one.

Shame it took another four months to hold a replacement gadget in my sweaty little hand.

You see…I had my eye on a particular phone, but it was so popular that it was always sold out.

Google – whose phone it was – would put a few on the market but they would be snapped up within seconds. Indeed, hungry buyers had programmers in India write scripts that would automatically check Google’s website and order as soon as the phone because available.

I’m not so smart, so I had to keep checking.

Day after day.

After day.

Until one sunny morning, I saw the phone was available and I jumped on it like a kid on candy.

Persistence – showing up day after day – did the job.

The same thing is true with your newsletters.

Look – most of your competitors won’t be showing up on a regular basis. Maybe they’ll send a newsletter once, but they’ll find it too much like hard work and they’ll give up.

Meanwhile, there’s you – mailing or emailing a newsletter every month – month in, month out.

And as time goes on, you’re the only one who is in front of your clients.

You win!

I’m not going to pretend that it’s easy. Good things don’t usually fall into your lap.

But it pays off over the long term when you’re the last person standing.