Cheap sausages and ads that bump

Back in the year 2000, when I was in charge of the editorial of an online magazine, I demanded that my boss change my job title.

I did not want to be named Content Director anymore.

Call me Editorial Director instead, I stomped.

Now, that might sound to you like I was being oh-so fancy. But there was method to my pretentiousness.

“Content” is what goes in the middle of cheap sausages: filler and I-don’t-want-to-know-what.

And “content” is what goes into shoddy magazines and newspapers to stop the ads chafing as they bump together.

Something to fill the gaps.

But I wanted to do better.

I wanted to have news that would inform, and features that would challenge and entertain.

I wanted people to come to our website because it was a darn good read, not because they were eyeballs that helped the website sell ads.

I’m pleased to say I won my argument.

And today I still talk about “editorial” and “articles”.

Quality, not junk.

Because readers deserve better.

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Don’t be fooled by “content” – give your clients something that has a little more nutrition.