Maple syrup and a big box of toys

We took our three and five-year-old nephews to the pancake barn this weekend.

It’s a fun place. They tap the maple trees in the woodlot behind the building and the sap is piped to the room next to the restaurant where it is boiled down into syrup at the end of every winter.

Good pancakes and even better maple syrup.

In one corner of the restaurant is a big box of toys. Children can take any toy from the box and bring it home.

Just like a Happy Meal.

It was a nice touch – something that will get talked about and remembered: the box of toys for the kids.

So that got me thinking: what if you could add something like that for your business?

What kind of little extra touch would help you stick in the memory?

What little gift can you give that means so much more than the cost of the gift itself?

You could mention it in your newsletter, or you could choose to keep it a surprise.

Either way, it is touches like this that take you beyond the ordinary.

And as you know, extraordinary is the path of success.

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