A secret vice, the sidebar of shame, and marketing they’ll actually look forward to

It’s confession time today.

One of my secret vices is reading The Daily Mail’s website.

Have you seen it yet?

The editors of that British newspaper website are pretty smart – they’ve created something that is horribly addictive.

All human life is there. And, frankly, a lot of it ain’t that pretty – especially the “sidebar of shame” that runs along the right hand side of the screen.

But I can’t help going back.

It’s just such a good read.

I was talking to one of our clients last week. He owns a rural vacation resort and wants to use his newsletter to promote his product.

But he also wants something that people will want to read.

That’s why he is using our newsletter, then just replacing one of the articles with something about the resort.

And bingo! He’s got a very readable newsletter that also promotes his business. All with less than an hour’s work to slip in an extra article.

That’s the reason we make our newsletters more than just about real estate – we want your clients to look forward to reading them.

And how often do you hear that about your marketing materials?

Here’s where you get one of your own interesting and entertaining newsletter.