From flame wars to brighter lives

Oh, you’ve gotta love a Facebook flame war. You know, where the comments section gets completely out of hand.I just read one, and because it was about website content, I thought I would share it with you.

Basically, one person said that no one reads the content of websites.

Then another person said that statement was nonsense (although that was not the word he used).

And then the war began.

Of course, like most disagreements, it was over a miscommunication.

The original poster meant that people don’t read boring “about us” content. Instead, successful content leads people to take action.

But by then, the war had gotten out of hand.

The final comment in the thread, by a third person, summed up what is really important:

“Nobody wants lame ‘content’ … but hundreds of millions of people want inspiration and entertainment and quick tips and smiles, and things that make their lives a little brighter and a little bit better. Don’t think ‘content’ because even the word is generic…. think about brightening lives a little.”

I so agree!

That’s what I urge you to do with your newsletter: include articles that make your readers’ lives brighter and a little better. And then add calls to action.

That’s what we do with the ready-made newsletters we make for our clients.