Magic and reality

I was reading a fascinating article by a broker on Inman News yesterday.

Basically, she said that real estate agents keep believing in magic.

Such as…

Lead sources that will solve all their problems.

New technologies that will make closing clients super-easy.

How posting a listing to Instagram is the answer to your marketing problems.

And that using a drone to provide aerial shots of a listing is the latest secret to success – no matter how good the quality of the video is.

Instead, she said, agents need to remember that success takes work – it’s old-fashioned relationships that matter.

Tough talk!

Now, I can’t speak to agents.

But I can say that when it comes to newsletters – it’s true, they don’t work by magic.

You can’t send a newsletter out, sit back eating bonbons and wait for a rush of listings.

And yes, you ought to keep on a regular schedule.

Plus – ideally – you’ll put in some local market info or a personal story.

…which takes work.

Now, I could try to promise you that this would all happen by magic. That our newsletters will be the magic pill that will solve all your problems.

And I would probably get a bunch more people joining our service.

But that wouldn’t be true.

So here’s the deal: You can use newsletters to win more listings and get more repeat clients. That’s because newsletters are a great way to build long-term relationships.

Yes, they take some work.

But they also leverage the work you are doing, making it more efficient.


If you’re looking for a magic solution, we’re not the guys for you.

But if you know in your heart that this broker is right – that hard work and relationships are the real keys to your success – then try our newsletters.

You’re the kind of real estate professional who will be happy here.