Keeping yours… yours

I’ll admit it.

I’m a little addicted to Facebook.

It’s like the stash of chocolate cookies in the pantry. I keep wanting to take a bite.

And I do.

Now, social media can be a great way to promote yourself, particularly if you can market to a particular community – a local area where people know each other, or a group of people who share the same interest.

But it’s no substitute for a database of contacts.

Here’s the big, fat reason:

You own your list…

…but Facebook owns you.

When you build a list, it’s yours to use as you wish.

You can send newsletters. You can send holiday cards. You can send postcards.

You can export the list to different software.

You can have your teen neighbor address envelopes, one by one.

But with Facebook, you’ve got to play by Facebook’s rules.

You can post. You can like. You can comment.

But, at the end of the day, it’s Facebook that owns your list.

If one of your “friends’’ quits Facebook, they’re gone.

If Facebook were to close, your entire list would be dust.

Pretty scary…and not a risk I’d want to take with my future income.

So, by all means, go work that social media machine. (It can really work as an advertising vehicle, by the way).

But don’t – ever – think it’s a substitute for building your most important asset: your list of clients and prospects.

You can use our newsletters to start communicating with your database right away.

Just upload your list to our email system and you can start mailing. It just takes a couple of days for us to set you up.

Remember, you’re the boss of you.

Not Facebook.