Just one bite

So there’s my five-year-old nephew, and in front of him is a plate of strange food. 

It’s new food. Something he hasn’t tasted before. 

His nose wrinkles up. 


“Take just one little bite,” says his mother. 

And he does…as if there is poison on the end of his fork. 

One. Little. Bite. 

And you know what? 

It’s not so bad after all. 

…five minutes later and the plate is empty. 

I like to think of this when I have a big project on my own plate. 

That product seems so huge…so filling…that I could never finish it. 

Better not to start at all. 

But if I remember to take just one bite, the whole thing becomes a lot less daunting. 

Because after the first bite, I take a second. And a third. And a fourth. 

Before long, I am totally “in” to the project and all I can see is the finish line. 

The empty plate. 

The same thing goes for your newsletter. 

Starting a newsletter program seems like a huge mouthful. 

So instead, take just one bite. 

Download your first newsletter and see what it looks like. 

If you like it, you’ll take a second bite. And a third. 

And away you go.