It’s not always a plumbing emergency

If you’ve got a three-inch tube of water gushing from a pipe, it’s likely you need a plumber right away.

And if there’s been a sudden explosion coming from the electricity panel – well, you’re on the phone to an electrician.

But in the case of real estate agents… you’re usually not wanted quite so urgently.

Maybe you’re needed on a few days, a few weeks – or maybe a few months.

But here’s the thing.

Many agents focus only on the people who need them right now.

There’s nothing for those who are just thinking about it – those who need more time.

And that’s unfortunate, because it means that the majority of website visits or printed brochures go to waste.

Smart agents do something different: They collect leads from people who are still in the research phase.

And then they contact those leads on a regular basis with useful information.

The result? When they are finally ready, you are top of mind.

Fortunately, this is an easy problem to fix.

Simply add an attractive offer to your website and a form to collect an email and/or mailing address.

With our newsletter service, we provide what we call bonus reports – free information you can offer to people who visit your website.

Mention that information and add a web sign-up form (which we also provide) and you are going a long way towards fixing the problem.

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