Showing up is more than half the battle

Sometimes, all you’ve got to do is show up.

While being good, kind and brilliant helps, showing up is more than half the battle.

Because – almost no one else bothers!

So you win.

By default.

Think about this:

How many of your competitors really take the time to keep in touch with their clients and prospects on a regular basis?

I can tell you from my eight years in this business – not many.

Some will start, but then give up.

But most (I’d say 90%) don’t start at all or do it only half-heartedly.

They just don’t show up.

So… really… all you have to do…

Is show up!

It helps if show up with something that is interesting to read. That’s why we produce newsletters – to make it easy for you.

And when you consider the rewards of building a long-term business, it really is quite astonishing that people don’t do the things they need to do.

But good news for those who make the effort.

Show up. Win more business. Keep showing up…