If only they were loyal

Back in the day (and I’m not that old, so I am talking a decade or two ago), people were loyal.

They had a sense of responsibility.

That person helped me; I will be loyal.

At the risk of sounding like some old curmudgeon, loyalty ain’t what it used to be.

Have you ever shown 10 homes to a couple of buyers… and then they go close a transaction with another agent?

Or have you listed a home that closed quickly for the right price… then four years later they listed with someone else?

Where, for goodness sake, has loyalty gone?

So… in a world where loyalty and good faith means diddly squat, what’s to do?

Well, I have two answers:

First, keep in touch. If they don’t remember you, then they won’t hire you again. And, despite what you might think, your wonderful service won’t always be remembered one year (let along four or seven years) later. So keep in touch.

Second, fix your positioning. By that, I mean your reputation, your status, as the go-to agent. The person with the answers. The one who is the real expert. When you do that, homeowners and buyers won’t even dare to consider going elsewhere. Because – after all – you’re the guy/gal!

Newsletters – of course – help with all that.

They position you as the expert and they allow you to keep in touch.

So – let’s fix this loyalty problem.

Banish it.