That little extra that makes them go wow

I ordered something from an online clothing retailer on Saturday… and the package arrived yesterday.

Which is fast, considering I had opted for the free, extra slow (get it sometime around Labor Day) shipping method.

Now, maybe it was an error.

But I like to think it was an attempt at wowing their customer.

And if it was…it worked.

Because I was impressed.

These little extras – these unannounced bonuses – can go a long way.

They’re worth considering for your business.

And you know what? They put such a smile on your clients’ faces that they might tell you how happy they are.

And that… is like gold – a testimonial from a happy client is very effective marketing.

Indeed, I urge our clients to put testimonials in their newsletters.

Because a happy client can sell you better than you can sell yourself.

That’s just one of the ways you can use your newsletter to win more listings.

But, you need a newsletter first!

So try ours. It’s ready-made but you can edit it to include testimonials and other good stuff.

Start the free trial today and we’ll have you set up by Thursday at the latest.