He said he would never read it

It’s not often I get out and about and meet prospects and clients.

Most of our business is online and over the phone with clients across North America.

But it just happened that these insurance guys in the village needed a newsletter.

So we meet – in the local diner.

There’s the marketing guy and the insurance broker.

And the marketing guy has a print-out of one of our email newsletters. He thrusts it towards me.

“I wouldn’t read all of this,” he says.

…There’s a great way to start a meeting, I thought. Can only be upwards from there.

But here’s the thing.

He’s kind of right.

Most people won’t read all your newsletter.

They might read some of it…

… buy they  won’t read all of it.

And you know what? It doesn’t matter!

This is what I told him.

You guys haven’t been sending anything to your clients for years, except annual renewal notices. So you’ve been leaving hundreds or thousands of dollars on the table. While you offer every type of insurance under the sun, your own clients are going online and buying insurance from the big, famous companies instead.

Simply because they forgot you were there.


Most people don’t read an entire newsletter.

They might even not read it for months on end.


…When they need insurance (or whatever else you do), they are going to think of you.

Because you were there.

And then they will read your newsletter, and because it has lots of articles that prove you are a credible vendor – an expert – they will give you a call.

By this time, the broker at the table was nodding.  He agreed.

And the marketing guy came around too.

Looks like they will be on board for a trial.

And even if they’re not, I had a great piece of pie and ice cream.

I should get out more often.